Photo 73

dual on one first model type

made by request

Simple hammer type bolt mechanisim lock firing pin and last shot bolt holding mechanisim is housed in the front bolt piece

fully automatic only

gas operated/assisted

issued with solid polymer furnature

front foregrip folds down

sights are fully adjustable front pin bunny eared

into the barrel back flip peep sight housed by two flat raised metal flaps

magazine is curved standard but can be straght

magazine realease infront of magazine

Cal: 6.8x41
barrel length: 16in
overall length: 38in
weight: - est 7-8 lbs
Type: Assault Rifle
Rate of fire: - est 500-600 rpm


Trigger being pulled releases the hammer hammer strikes firing pin igniting bullet gasses followed by bullet realease bold from lock still under recoil the bold slides back locking/holding hammer down shell still caught on the ejector being pulled through the reciver hits release ditch ejecting cartridge bolt then slides foreward pushing new cartridge in -repeat-

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