Photo 64.jpg|thumb|266px|right|same as others]]Simple seven piece striker type bolt mechanisim lock firing pin and last shot bolt holding mechanisim is housed in the front bolt piece

semi automatic only

gas operated/assisted

Photo 64

same as others

ishued with solid polymer furnature

sights are fully adjustable front pin bunny eared into the barrel back raild peep sight housed raised metal set

straight magazine and curved interchangable straight isued standard

magazine realease infront of magazine

Photo 65

outer build

Cal: 6.8x41
barrel length: 16in
overall length: 38in
weight: - est 8-10
Type: Assault Rifle
Rate of fire: single fire

[edit] ActionEdit

Trigger bar forces bar down realeasing back striker into fireing pin case ignites realeasing bullet explosions gasses follow bullet then down gas tube releasing bolt back and assisting it in getting over the trigger ejector folows bolt through reciver till the ejection pit it is ejected bolt fallsforward carrying another bullet while the trigger bar falls out of its chasse

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